Application Errors

Severity: Low
Bug ID: 742
Researcher: guifre
Status: Disclosed
Submitted: 07/29/2017


Content spoofing & text injection on crowdshield.com Content Spoofing is an attack technique that allows an attacker to inject a malicious payload that is later misrepresented as legitimate content of a web application. This approach is common on error pages, or sites providing story or news entries. The content specified in this parameter is later reflected into the page to provide the content for the page. If an attacker where to replace this content with something more sinister they might be able to falsify statements on the destination website. Upon visiting this link the user would believe the content being displayed as legitimate.

Affected URL:


Affected Params:


Bug Evidence:


I get in touch to report that crowdshield.com is vulnerable to content spoofing and text injection.

This attack exploits the trust relationship established between the user and the web site.


The URL path is URL decoded and attacker text is reflected back to the UI:

"The requested URL / needs a new web client, please download http://attacker/virus.exe to we able to open it.”

Please, let me know if you need further information

Best Regards,

Bug Recommendation:

Use a 404 page that don't include attacker text.

Direct Chat

guifre 07/29/2017
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submitted a Application Errors bug to CrowdShield
CrowdShield 07/29/2017
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Thanks for the heads up! This is fixed now.
CrowdShield 07/29/2017
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awarded 5 points to guifre for a Application Errors bug
CrowdShield 07/29/2017
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closed a Application Errors bug submitted by guifre
CrowdShield 07/29/2017
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disclosed a Application Errors bug submitted by guifre

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